12 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet Maybe You Should Know

12 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet Maybe You Should Know

For those with flat feet, finding the right shoe can be a challenge. The times you run, walk or jump, you feel a lot of pain. This is what people with flat feet go through every day. Fortunately, there are many of the best basketball shoes for flat feet that are specifically designed for flat feet. These shoes often have extra cushioning in the heel and arch, as well as support features like reinforced toe and ankle support. That means you can play a game without worrying about sore feet anymore. Let’s refer to the 12 best basketball shoes for flat feet in today’s article.

What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet are medically known as “pes planus,” which roughly means your foot has a low arch or has completely receded. For people with naturally curved feet, when placed on a flat surface, the heel and ball of the foot will lie flat, but there will be a gap in between. With flat feet, as you might have guessed, the foot doesn’t have that arch and, therefore, lies completely flat along the surface.

So what causes flat feet? There are many reasons for a person to have flat feet, a few of which are genetic, either the result of an injury to the ankle or foot and a few are the results of arthritis or other musculoskeletal diseases. Some people have no problem with flat feet, while others may experience pain and discomfort from time to time. That’s why it’s important to wear the right shoes to provide the extra support you need.

What are Flat Feet?

The benefits of the best basketball shoes for flat feet

A lot of people think that wearing the right basketball shoes to play basketball is just about looking good. But this is not true. Wearing the right shoes can help reduce pain and discomfort. The best basketball shoes for flat feet are designed with the purpose of preventing or reducing pain and inflammation caused by plantar fasciitis. Here are some reasons why basketball shoes are good for people with flat feet.

  • First, they provide good support and stability. This is important because flat feet can cause many problems with balance and can lead to injury if the foot is not supported properly.
  • Second, basketball shoes have multiple layers of cushioning that help protect the foot from impact. This is important because people with flat feet often have problems with foot and ankle pain.
  • Third, basketball shoes are designed to allow a full range of motion in the foot and ankle, which is important for people with flat feet who need to be able to move their feet around freely.
  • Finally, basketball shoes typically have higher arch support, which helps people with flat feet maintain proper alignment and helps prevent foot and ankle pain.

12 best basketball shoes for flat feet

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes- $115.99~$169.99

This is the first shoe we’d like to recommend on our list of best basketball shoes for flat feet. These shoes are popular for their spacious cushioning, fit, and stability. A padded heel collar and stiff heel counter are what you need for a secure fit. The collar features a unique lion head design that adds an element of style. The shoe features Nike Zoom Air components in the forefoot that are lightweight and provide excellent support for your foot when running and performing swinging movements. An interesting shock wave pattern on the outsole provides the traction you need to prevent slipping on hardwood floors. All in all, this shoe is a great choice for people with flat feet.


  • Spacious padding
  • The heel area fits and stabilizes
  • The outsole is made of rubber
  • Various colors for you to choose


  • Difficult to get the right size

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI- $86~$109.90

The next best basketball shoes for flat feet is Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI. Tri-vis-Air-Sole, a thin, lightweight phylon foam, makes up the shoe’s midsole, providing great cushioning and stress absorption. Your ankle is kept safe and supported by the lace fastening and the padded heel collar. These shoes include a synthetic and mesh material with ventilation holes to keep your feet dry and cool. The shoe’s interior is made of breathable mesh. Flexibility and stability are perfectly balanced with a rubber sole with a herringbone pattern, side grooves, and flex grooves. Not just those with flat feet, but the majority of individuals in general, find these shoes to be comfortable to wear.


  • Breathable upper and lining
  • Good grip and stability
  • Great support for feet and ankles


  • Can be a bit noisy

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI

Adidas Dame Men’s Dame 5- $77.38~$169

Made by one of the most famous manufacturers of the time, this particular basketball shoe was made for people with flat feet. First launched in 2019 measuring 14 X 8 X 6 inches and weighs 15.2 ounces. The inside of the shoe is designed with additional membrane cushioning for more comfort on the foot.

The rest of the shoe is made of synthetic fiber that dries the shoe quickly if it gets wet. It’s said to have good traction on hardwood floors and the legroom is pretty wide, so it’s suitable for flat-footed basketball players. The sole of these sneakers is made of pure rubber for maximum player support. One of the perks of Adidas, it has many different colors and types such as clear mint, core black, and purple … bringing many options to buyers.


  • Many color options
  • Quite comfortable
  • Easy to dry if wet


  • Limited movement due to length
  • Not suitable for outdoor activities

Adidas Dame Men's Dame 5

Nike Men’s Air Force 1- $169.95~$260

The shoe was introduced in 2016 by Nike, a company well-known for its high-quality athletic footwear. One of the top basketball shoes for flat feet is this kind of footwear. The shoe is listed as having a size of 16 X 7 X 5 inches and weighing roughly 5 pounds. Although the entire shoe is covered in leather, the sole is rubber. Because there is cushioning there, the shoe’s padding at the ankle proves to be comfortable.

This shoe’s sole lasts quite a while and is of decent quality. Most notably, it has a strap that can be adjusted. As a result, the wearer can alter the fit to their preferred level of comfort. The big drawback of the shoe is that the ventilation holes on the shoe do not provide too much air for the foot and the color is not too diverse to choose from.


  • The rubber sole is quite sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Has an easy-to-adjust strap


  • Ventilation holes do not provide too much air
  • The colors offered are quite limited

Nike Men’s Air Force 1

Adidas D Lillard 2- $280

Referring to the best basketball shoes for flat feet, it is impossible to miss the name Adidas D Lillard 2. Unlike most basketball shoes on the market, the Adidas Lillard 2 has a width and length of about ½ inch longer than that of most basketball shoes on the market. other similarly sized basketball shoes. Continental rubber is used for the shoe’s outsole.

In addition to providing complete protection from impact, Adidas Bounce technology also allows players to have a solid feel on the court. As expected, the D Lillard 2 uses Jacquard material in the upper, which not only brings a premium feel to the shoe but also has high durability. The zipper on the Adidas Lillard 2 is impeccable, while the heel counter does a good job of keeping the player’s heel in place.


  • Shockproof protective padding
  • High durable


  • Not suitable for outdoor activities

Adidas D Lillard 2

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe- $42~$80

Basketball shoes for flat feet have been created to be cozy and supportive for those with this issue. If you’re looking for a basketball shoe that will provide you with the support you need, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe is a fantastic option. A reinforced outsole adds extra stability, while gel cushioning in the heel reduces impact and protects the foot. Rubber is used for the outsole, which is textured for traction on the court. Additionally, shoes are made to be rather light so you can move swiftly.

In addition, the shoes are often equipped with special technology to help reduce shock and reduce the impact on the foot. As a result, athletes with flat feet can enjoy better comfort and protection when playing basketball. All these features make the ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Men’s Running Shoe the best basketball shoes for flat feet.


  • There is gel padding on the heel
  • The outsole is quite stable
  • Padded tongue and collar to prevent chafing


  • A little short

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

Adidas OwnTheGame Wide Basketball Shoes- $100

These spacious Adidas basketball shoes are great for flat feet, as they provide extra space so they can spread out inside the shoe naturally. Cloudfoam cushioning technology in the sole creates the feeling that your feet are walking on clouds. Cloudfoam is an EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) compound developed by Adidas that is soft, plush, lightweight yet strong. It offers adequate support and is probably one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

As you run up and down the court, the padding increases comfort while reducing vibrations. Maximum ankle support is provided by the high collar of the shoe, which is essential for greater stability when you land after leaping. Additionally, the lacing system will increase your safety by ensuring that your feet are fully supported when you move. Synthetic leather is used to make the shoes look quite opulent, and the rubber toe aids protect against any physical contact. The elegant mesh upper with leather, an embossed toe, and the iconic Adidas 3-Stripes creates a sleek, timeless appearance. It is straightforward to clean and maintain.


  • Excellent hygroscopicity
  • Three different color combinations


  • Less flexible than the Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI

Adidas OwnTheGame Wide Basketball Shoes

Nike Zoom KD12 Warriors Home- $302

The Zoom Air technology from Nike absorbs shock and adds additional spring to improve your movement. For maximum responsiveness, the Zoom Air in the Nike Zoom KD12 Warriors Home spans the whole length of the shoe, directly beneath the sock liner. For further bounce, there is an additional Zoom Air unit in the heel.

In addition, the upper’s incorporated Quad Axial Flywire Cable keeps the shoe incredibly light while supporting your foot. Flywire is a yarn created from incredibly thin, light, and robust strands. A cushioned collar on the shoes hugs your ankle for excellent support. The inside feels plush and soft with a sock liner, perforated cushioning, and a lightweight mesh upper for immediate comfort and no need to slip on. Non-marking rubber outsole provides excellent traction.


  • Light and sturdy
  • Brings a feeling of comfort
  • Multiple color options to suit everyone’s villainous style


  • Insufficient traction

Nike Zoom KD12 Warriors Home

Under Armour Men’s Jet Basketball Shoe- $39.97

Under Armor Men’s Jet Basketball Shoe cannot be missed in the best basketball shoes for flat feet collection. Not only is this a decent shoe selection, but it’s also reasonably priced. It features a lightweight, flexible, durable EVA midsole and features an EVA midsole for extra cushioning. An inner shin supports the arch to prevent your foot from rolling, which is really helpful for flat feet. An internal heel counter and bootie construction enhance the shoe’s fit. The upper is made of a blend of synthetics and textiles with perforations for breathability. The shoe construction is reinforced by a tough TPU (thermoplastic urethane) coating. This makes it resistant to wear and helps maintain shape.


  • Reasonable prices
  • Unique design
  • Provide good cushion


  • The ability to absorb shock is quite low

Under Armour Men’s Jet Basketball Shoe

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes- $69.54

This Beita molded heel guard enhances performance while giving the foot and ankle stability and support to lower the chance of damage. Additionally reducing impact, the cushioning keeps your feet safe while you jump and land. These shoes are made of high-quality leather, which makes them strong and resistant to wear. They are also entirely weatherproof, making them perfect for outdoor play. The shoes are entirely breathable, keep your feet dry, and assist to eliminate odor since your feet will have natural airflow, which keeps them cool and less sweaty. They also have additional mesh design and perforations.

Your feet are kept still and prevented from shifting by special cushioning that is placed strategically. This reduces injuries and gives your feet the most comfort possible. They are slip-resistant thanks to a special traction pattern design on the outsole, so they will grip whatever flooring you’re playing on. This gives you more control and stability while you’re moving. Last but not least, the high collar of the shoe offers the best ankle support and aids in maintaining your foot position.


  • The color is quite diverse with 9 options
  • Toe made of sturdy rubber


  • The lanyard is a bit short
  • Big size

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

Nike Kyrie Flytrap Basketball Shoes- $89.81~$164.97

These shoes’ wide soles, which allow you more surface area to work with, offer good stability, especially for flat feet. These soles’ thick rubber construction gives them outstanding traction and floor grip for better motion control. Freedom of mobility is provided by the curved outsole. The mesh construction of the sneaker allows for excellent airflow so that your feet may breathe. Your feet will be colder, which will make this more comfortable.

Greater stability is provided by the Zoom Air technology in the cushioning, which reacts to the movements of your feet. Additionally, the shoe has the capacity to absorb shock and shield your ankles and feet from harm. The large cushioned tongue helps support your ankle, and the lacing system helps keep your foot safe as you move.


  • Has padding to help relieve pain
  • Seven different color options
  • Toe made of rubber


  • Narrow size for people with small feet

best basketball shoes for flat feet

PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes- $231.55

This is the last shoe on the list of best basketball shoes for flat feet. PEAK makes a high-top basketball shoe specifically designed for flat feet. The shoe includes a unique technology that aids in providing foot support and reducing pain. The material keeps feet cool and prevents sweat from accumulating. Non-slip soles help prevent falls and the outsole is designed to grip the court. They also have a wide sole that provides the stability needed for flat feet. The shoe is breathable and provides grip on any surface. They’re also lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for any activity.

The shoes have a cushioned sole to absorb impact and protect the foot, while a supportive upper helps keep the foot in place. Plus, shoes come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your needs. Therefore, this shoe is ideal for flatfoot athletes who are looking for an affordable, high-performance athletic shoe.


  • Specially designed for flat feet
  • Can stick firmly on any surface
  • Anti-slip sole


  • Can provide a lot of traction

PEAK High Top Men's Basketball Shoes

In conclusion, while the best basketball shoes for flat feet aren’t hard to find, it’s important that you find the right pair. Choosing a high-quality basketball shoe for flat feet will not only make you forget about pain completely, but it will also enhance your play. We’ve listed some of the best shoes on the market and what makes them a good choice for those with flat feet. Hopefully, with these suggestions, you can easily choose a suitable pair of shoes to comfortably participate in sports activities.

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