17 Best Steps How To Draw A Basketball

17 Best Steps How To Draw A Basketball

If you are struggling to find a way to draw a basketball, do not ignore this article. We have compiled an article 17 Best Steps How To Draw A Basketball for you. Stay tuned to practice drawing a perfect basketball.

17 Best Steps How To Draw A Basketball

Step 1: Draw a perfect circle


The first step of these 17 Best Steps How To Draw A Basketball is arguably the hardest. Once you have the circular base, you can build it to create lines on the basketball with ease. A quick note is that if you’re using physical media, we recommend using a light pencil because it’s easy to erase during the drawing steps.

If you are using digital media, draw the construction steps on a separate layer to the final sketch and detail. Start by locating the center of the spot that you intend to draw. Once you’ve identified it, you can now draw a large circle. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing a perfect circle by hand, try using any round object you can find. You can easily trace this round object to get a perfect base for your basketball drawing.

Step 2: Create quadrants in your basketball shape


In this step, we will divide our base circle into four different parts. These divisions will help us place the basketball lines in the following steps. You can easily divide a circle into four quarters by drawing a vertical line in the center and a horizontal line in the center.

Step 3: Add grid lines

Continuing to set up the grid line inside the circle, simply draw two vertical lines on either side of the center dividing line. This step is pretty quick and easy to do.

Step 4: Finalize the Background Grid

To complete the grid, start by drawing a rectangle horizontally, with the top and bottom lines along the center dividing line. When these lines meet the edge of the circle, draw two short grid lines to connect them. For vertical grid lines, do the same by drawing two shorter lines connecting the two outer lines. This will create a full mesh on the circle that will help us create pattern lines around the ball.


Step 5: Draw the line on the basketball


In this step, you’ll start using a grid to help you draw feature lines on the basketball. Start with the first strip wrapped around the ball from the top left to the bottom right.

Step 6: Build the second strip

You can now draw a second line that curves up and around the top left segment of the basketball draw. You want this second strip to run from the bottom left corner of the horizontal rectangle. And meet the edge of the circle in the segment between the two top right grid rectangles. If you want these two lines to just cross each other around the top left overlap of the two grid rectangles.

Step 7: Draw the third basketball strip


Now you can draw a third strip on the basketball. This shape should curve up and away from the bottom of the basketball draw, with the top almost parallel to the first strip, then back down to the right side of the basketball. This is also the next step in 17 Best Steps How To Draw A Basketball.

Step 8: Complete the lines on the basketball

To complete the lines on your basketball drawing, create a shorter, slightly curved strip in the top left corner of the ball. At this step, one strip will curve below the other. Once done, you can delete any construction lines, grid lines, and overlapping lines that you previously made.

Step 9: Create a realistic basketball texture

Now we can start adding details and textures to our basketball drawings with ease. Along the right edges of the basketball and the lines of each strip, use small dots to create a lifelike basketball texture. Try to make the dotted lines denser around the sides of the ball, as this will help create a more three-dimensional and realistic basketball drawing.


Step 10: Apply a layer of base color to your basketball drawing

For the base color outer layer, look for a slightly orange-brown. Take a large regular brush and apply an even layer of this color over the entire shape of your basketball drawing.

Step 11: Color the lines on the basketball

For the autographed basketball strips, you’ll need a smaller brush and some black paint. Using these tools, carefully trace out the bands and paint them to create an even, dark coat of paint.

Step 12: Create contours for your basketball drawing

In this step, you will use a soft brush and some black paint to create some contours on your basketball drawing. Contours are a great way to add realism to a drawing. Apply a light contour layer to the edges of the basketball. The bands on the basketball are slightly recessed, so you can also apply thin strips of light around the bands to accentuate this step.

Step 13: Add more shadows

In this step, you only need to emphasize the contour from the last step in certain places. Use a soft brush and add a bit of black paint and enhance the contour areas, especially around the edge of the ball.


Step 14: Start highlighting your basketball drawing

The left upper right side of the basketball will catch the light, emphasizing the three-dimensional nature of your basketball drawing would be a good idea. Using a soft brush and some white paint, lightly color the area. Once you’ve painted white, use a clean brush to blend all of your colors.

Step 15: Enhance your highlights

Now that you have the background highlighted, you can start building up the intensity of the white. Again, using a soft brush, apply highlights to the part of the ball where all the bands converge. You can also add highlights to these parts of the black stripe.

Step 16: Perfect your highlights and shadows

Just before we finish our easy basketball drawing tutorial, you can now emphasize your highlights and shadows more. Use a smooth brush and some white paint to add the final highlights between the black lines. Finally, use a soft blending brush and some black paint to add a final layer of shadow around the edges of the ball.

Step 17: Complete your realistic basketball drawing


To complete this step, use a sharp brush and corresponding color to trace the outline and texture lines inside to create a seamless final result without any borders or texture lines. can be seen at night. This helps us get a more natural look at the drawing. Complete the step using a soft brush and black paint to shade the ground. This is also the final step in 17 Best Steps How To Draw A Basketball.

Related questions

How Do You Draw Basketball Texture?

Basketball has a rather complex structure. To build up these textures in your basketball drawing, you can simply create a pattern of small dots all over the ball in your drawing.

How Do You Draw a Simple Basketball?

Although a basketball drawing may seem complicated, it is very simple when you can break it down into the steps of construction, detailing, and finally coloring. In this easy basketball drawing tutorial, we show you exactly how to create a perfectly realistic-looking basketball drawing.

Hopefully, after the article 17 Best Steps How To Draw A Basketball, you can practice drawing basketball correctly and simply.

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