Basketball Footwork Drills For Beginners

Basketball Footwork Drills For Beginners

Basketball Footwork Drills For Beginners. Improving your basketball agility, stability, and footwork can be game changers. Making space for your shot, beating other players to the basket, or getting in front of the defender is what distinguishes good players from great players.

It takes time and effort to get the feet to match the mind, but it is essential for all players, regardless of their position. Footwork is often overlooked, but it is an essential component that should be incorporated into daily routines.

Why is footwork training important?

Why is footwork training important?
Why is footwork training important?

Footwork training is essential for the improvement of basketball players, according to the world’s best basketball coaches. Bad footwork is the primary cause of our players’ inconsistency because it affects their stability and balance while going to perform basketball elements like dribbling,¬†shooting,¬†and passing.

Everything starts with the feet. Yes, we can offer our players ordinary, non-specific basketball drills, and those drills will benefit each aspect of the player’s skills, but this is a slow process that will not maximize any specific part of a skill set. The results of old-school training are causing a lot of turbulence in a player’s development process.

By performing these regular basketball drills, players will be able to shoot well on the basket early on while their legs are still fresh, and their dribbling will be steady and controlled. Decisions will also be of high quality. The toll of running will eventually catch up with them, and their legs will become heavy. Now, our players will start missing shots, and not only that, but their shooting form will change because they will not feel better about their legs.

As the story progresses, they will feel much better about their running as well as jumping, but they will need to adjust their shooting again, and suddenly half of the season has passed. And if you are a youth basketball coach and have three practices per week plus a weekend game, your players will be out of shape and out of shape for the entire season.

If you want to avoid all of that, develop an effective footwork development program at the beginning of the season. You would like to come to the gym and perform some simple footwork drills to help your players and yourself adjust to the start of the season.

Essentially, what you need to do is devise drills that will load your players’ legs while also mimicking some of the basic basketball movements using some type of tall.

Basketball Footwork Drills For Beginners

Here is the list of 5 Basketball Footwork Drills For Beginners

Hops in a wide stance

Basketball Footwork Drills For Beginners: Stance wide hops are an important footwork drill since they speed up the lateral displacement while in the stance. Although this appears to focus solely on defensive stance movement, as lateral speed is increased, you will realize that your players have a lower stance whilst also dribbling the ball and have gained explosiveness on their first step.

As shown in the image, place your player in the stance and the band exactly as shown. The drill is designed so that they must hop a little and spread their legs to feel how the band shrinks their legs.

The goal of the drill is not to gather the legs to the point in which the band doesn’t really make any toll, but to keep the band tensioned slightly.

Pulls on the side steps

Many coaches agree that when it comes to basketball, the explosiveness of the very first step is everything. Basketball does not require you to run fast, but if you have good footwork, you will be capable of dominating on both ends of the court.
The side-step pull is a simple drill that will improve your players’ first steps.

This drill is simple to execute; all your player needs to do is take a stance and then make a powerful side-step without moving the other leg.

Jumps from front to back

Footwork drills

This exercise is the portion of a footwork program that will assist your players in developing a quicker linear movement. I recommend using shorter bands for this drill to put more strain on your legs.

To do this drill correctly, instruct your players to maintain a stance at all times and to keep their legs shoulder-width. The band will tend to shrink them toward the middle, and keeping them apart all the time will make this drill even more difficult.

The drill is performed while the player is running in one spot, with one leg forward and the other leg backward. The repetition should be continued until the players feel a burn in their legs.

Raises Your Knees

Basketball Footwork Drills For Beginners: Knee raise is a drill that simulates the start of a one-legged jump which our players use when they layup. As they perform this drill, the as a whole explosive power of our players’ legs will increase dramatically, causing them to feel lighter on their feet.

Looking at the image, we can assume that the drill is accomplished in such a way that the player must raise their knee as high as they can to the point in which the band will pull the leg down.

A player can hang onto something to keep the balance at first, but the drill should be performed without assistance later on. Having said that, we believe this is an excellent drill for developing balance and stability.

Another thing to note is that players should maintain constant tension on the band so that when the leg falls, it does not fall all the way to the floor.

Curl your hamstrings

Hamstring curls are an excellent exercise for activating all of the muscles on the backside of the ties. The action itself is the same as what our players do, so the advantages are numerous.

As shown in the image, the players should bend their knees and fight the band’s force. The move should be done slowly at first, with the leg not being moved forward or backward, but only as work is completed by bending the knee. Your players may need to hold onto something at first to maintain balance and perform the exercise properly, but they should eventually be able to stand on one leg.

The bottom line

Basketball Footwork Drills For Beginners: Footwork drills are simple to perform, but they require consistency. Muscles can be easily programmed to work under higher loads, but if you stop to do these exercises, the muscles will revert to their default settings. To round out the conditioning program, add some gym and running to these footwork drills, and your team will be physically prepared in no time.


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