How To Get Quicker Feet For Basketball? 10 Simple Methods To Follow!

How To Get Quicker Feet For Basketball With 10 Simple Methods To Follow?

How To Get Quicker Feet For Basketball. Footwork is an important part of any sport, and you must be able to adapt quickly if you want to be a top athlete. Being agile and having short explosive bursts of movement in boxing means being able to get in and out of range rapidly to land and avoid punches.

The goal is to strengthen and keep improving the fast twitch muscles in your legs. Learn How To Get Quicker Feet For Basketball in order to become a better athlete.

If you want to improve your boxing footwork, I highly recommend the Dancer’s Footwork For Fighters, which teaches you how to improve your footwork, balance, and cohesion through world-class dance drills.



Find a hill with a suitable surface and an incline of 15-25 degrees.

Sprints uphill

Sprint up it for 5 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before repeating it 5-15 times.

The short overload against resistance enables you to build leg strength and first-step speed, which are important in making a single quick move to get out of harm’s way or to land a shot while using your legs to get into range.

Sprints downhill

If you really desire a challenge, instead of resting after sprinting uphill, turn around it and sprint back down with short strides. Take a 30-second break before going back up, repeating the process 5-15 times.


You’ve probably seen a lot of boxers use this technique to strengthen their legs and enhance their fast twitch muscles. It’s also a calorie-burning high-intensity workout.

Choose a high flight of stairs (three or more flights) that you can sprint up step by step for at least ten seconds. When you reach the top (30 sec break if needed), sprint back down but then rest for 30 seconds. Remember to complete each step along the way.


How To Get Quicker Feet For Basketball? So, you might have seen Floyd Mayweather Jr demonstrate a variety of jump rope tricks that not only look cool but also improve your footwork. You learn how to properly coordinate your foot movement, and once you’ve mastered it, you won’t get your feet tangled up attempting to move out of trouble spots.

Jumping rope is a bouncing motion, as is moving quickly around the boxing ring; therefore, learning different maneuvers makes your feet much faster to react in various situations.


How To Get Quicker Feet For Basketball: Set two markers on a straight line about 5-10 yards apart (cones work well). Find a partner, ideally someone with much faster feet than you, and stand about 12 meters apart from each other. Make sure you’re in the middle of the markets and ahead of the straight line.

Your partner must attempt to cross the line, while your goal is to pause him by mirroring his moves by slightly bending your knees and sidestepping. Mirror drills like this one are common in sports like basketball, NFL football, and soccer.



Have a training ladder and lay it flat on a level surface. The goal is to step into and out of each square as quickly as possible with both feet in a variety of different ways, including sidestepping but forward stepping. This improves your legs’ short-term explosive speed and power.


You can buy a set of resistance bands to help you strengthen your legs, and enhance your fast twitch muscles, coordination, and balance since they offer just the right amount of force to work on the muscle groups that are important for quick movements.

They are inexpensive, safe, and convenient for use at home. Resistance bands are now required equipment for all coaches of strength and conditioning due to their effectiveness. You can generate resistance in any way and use it to mimic specific movements in any sport.


Box jumps are a great form of plyometric training that increases the speed and explosiveness of your bounce. Side jumps, one-step jumps,  forward jumps, and other exercises can be performed on plyometric boxes of varying heights.

A set of plyometric boxes is expensive; even a single box is pricey. However, for around $20, you can find a reliable alternative and even build your own.



Agility hurdles are a series of small hurdles ranging in height from 6 to 20 inches that you must step, hop, and jump over. To reap the most advantages and reduce the risk of injury, perform these before any type of rigorous training.

It’s similar to the training ladder¬†and, as the name implies, it improves your agility, which is directly related to your foot speed. There are numerous exercises that can be performed on these.


I’m not kidding. While this may not be the best way to train for quick feet, learning basic breakdance movements that primarily use foot and hip movements without touching the ground will benefit you in a variety of ways. Among these are rhythm, balance, foot coordination, and foot positioning.

Many of the pivots, slides, and turns used in these movements are identical to those required in the ring.


The last technique of How To Get Quicker Feet For Basketball may appear overly simple, but the fact is that the more flexible you are, the faster your feet can keep moving into a wide range of positions. And the more foot movement required, the more prone to injury you are, hence why flexibility is important.

Making stretching a daily habit can help you improve your flexibility. This includes when you get up in the morning, before your workouts, after your workouts, and right before bed. Work on a variety of postures, starting gently and gradually increasing the difficulty.

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