3-On-3 Basketball Rules

Basketball Rules

This guide will teach you everything there is to know about 3-On-3 Basketball, including what it is all about, and the most important 3-On-3 Basketball rules.

3-On-3 Basketball Rules: COMPOSITION OF THE TEAM

  • A half-court game will be played between two teams of 3 players each, with a maximum of 2 substitutes. To begin play, teams must have at least 2 players on the field at the start of the game.
  • If two players are really not available at the start of the game, the team forfeits.

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3-On-3 Basketball Rules: SCORING & GAME TIME

  • The game will be played in two 10-minute halves separated by a 2-minute halftime intermission.
  • The clock will continue running throughout the game. All games will start at the same time, with the buzz of the scoreboard horn. For all games, game time is displayed on the large scoreboard.
  • No timeouts are permitted. In the event of an injury, the court monitor will keep time for the affected game.
  • The winner only needs to win by one point. Teams that are tied after 20 minutes will go into a 2-minute extra period. All foul totals will be carried forward. If the game is still tied at the end of overtime, a shootout will be held to determine the winner.
  • The shootout will feature three players from every team on the court shooting free throws. The order in which the teams shoot will be determined by a coin flip. Each player will have one free throw attempt. The winning team will be the one with the highest total made. If the score remains tied, a sudden-death shootout will be held.
  • All baskets made inside the 3-point line are worth one point. All baskets made beyond the 3-point line are worth two points. All successful foul shots will be worth one point.
  • Each team must give a crack at the basket within 30 seconds of gaining possession. The rule was put in place to prevent teams from stalling to keep possession close to the end of the game. Violations of this rule, such as illegal shots, resulting in an offensive turnover as well as possession for the opposing team.
  • Co-Ed Guidelines – Male points are worth one point per each basket made, and two points for baskets made outside the arch. Female points are worth 2 points for every basket made inside the arch, and 3 points for baskets made outside the arch.

3-On-3 Basketball Rules: COURT MONITORS

  • Each game will have one court monitor. The monitor is present to supervise the game and keep track of the score and foul totals. If there is a disagreement, the decision will be decided by a coin toss.
  • Fighting is not permitted. Fighting as well as extreme arguing will result in the dismissal of the team. Any player, substitute, or coach who engages in unsportsmanlike behavior may be ejected and barred from the playing area by the court monitor.

3-On-3 Basketball Rules

  • A coin toss will determine possession to begin a game/overtime.
  • Unless a foul is called, ball possession moves after a basket is made. The fictitious “check line” is located at the top of the key. A player must throw the ball in from this check line to start a match, after a score, or when a foul is called.
  • The ball can be taken anyplace beyond the line on defensive rebounds or steals.
  • On any play in which the defense gains possession, the ball must be taken behind the check line. This rule is unaffected by the fact that the ball has indeed been shot or touched the rim.

3-On-3 Basketball Rules: FOULS

3-On-3 Basketball Rules: FOULS
3-On-3 Basketball Rules: FOULS
  • All common, personal, and technical fouls will be added to the team total. A bonus will be granted on and after the fifth team foul in each half. An individual player cannot foul out of the game, but the court monitor or an IM supervisor may eject him or her for any reason.
  • For any foul dedicated during the first eight minutes of the half, the offending team will lose possession; offensive fouls will result in the disallowance of a converted basket as well as loss of possession; shooting fouls with a missed basket will result in retained possession, and shooting fouls with a converted basket will result in the basket being counted and loss of possession.
  • Fouls committed in the final two minutes of each half will result in one foul shot for the offended team; offensive fouls will result in the disallowance of a converted basket as well as loss of possession.
  • Shooting fouls after a missed basket results in a single foul shot.
  • Shooting fouls with a transformed basket will result in the basket being counted and the offense retaining possession.
  • The ball will change hands after all free throws are made or missed. There will be no lining up in the lane to attempt free throws.

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